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About the Process

I am a relationship recruiter, so my need and desire to speak with you and key members of your team to understand your unique position, team dynamics, organization's culture and your community is integral in finding, matching and, ultimately, helping you hire the best candidate.  I can guarantee your inbox will not be flooded with unvetted candidates; every candidate presented to you will know about your position, your bank, your community and have already made the decision to consider seriously advancing their career with your organization.

I look forward to working with and becoming a member of your team.  Let’s get started! 

Success Stories

  • A bank that was for sale needed an interim president to manage their bank and staff to help lead them through the sale and closing process.  I present vetted qualified presidents to them the same day, they interviewed both candidates and had an excepted offer in 5 days.  The Chairman of the Board said' "If we would have known people like you and bankers like Sam existed we would not have our bank up for sale today."
  • A troubled bank was required to hire a new president; the shareholders were in fear of losing their full investment.  The president I helped them hire upgraded the bank's condition significantly, returned it to profitability with sustained ROA of 1.5% and ROE from 19.04% and up resulting the bank being purchased for a record (at the time) 3.8 times book value.  The board and the shareholders were very happy with this outcome.
  • Barbara Clayton and The Clayton Company doesn't just place presidents, but it is much easier to show tangible results in these positions.  I would enjoy helping you build your team with your next Chief Credit Officer, Chief Operations Officer, Commercial or Ag Lender, Chief Information Officer, Project Manager, Director of Treasury Management, Cashier...the list goes on.  Let's get started!

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